Design the FCRF logo and win a ticket to France or Canada! [fr]

The France-Canada Research Fund (FCRF), the Embassy of France in Canada and the University of Ottawa are launching a contest for the creation of the new FCRF logo.

The best logo will be chosen by the members of the Executive Committee and will be displayed on all FCRF visuals (leaflets, website, prize, etc.)

The winner will get a round-trip ticket to France (if he/she is a Canadian student) or to Canada (if he/she is a French student), as well as CAD $500 to cover a part of his/her other travel expenses.


How to participate:

  • Files must be emailed to the following address: by December 31, 2011 midnight (Ottawa time).
  • The winner will be selected by January 31, 2012. The result will be announced during the first days of February.
  • The University of Ottawa, the administrator of the FCRF, will contact the winner during the first days of February to book the plane ticket (economic fare). The trip must take place before December 31, 2012.

Content of the file:

  • The logo(s), in “.eps” (or “.ai”) format and “.pdf” format (each participant can submit up to 5 logos)
  • A proof of registration in a French higher education institution or a Canadian university member of the FCRF for year 2011/2012.


The logo should express the features and the objectives of the FCRF: a support structure for scientific and university cooperation between France and Canada, open to all scientific fields, focusing on new collaborations involving young researchers.

For more information on the FCRF, click HERE.


  • To participate, you must be a student in a French higher education institution or in a Canadian university member of the FCRF (full time or part time).
  • The logo must be an original creation of which the participant must be the unique designer. If successful, the contestant accepts to cede the copyright of the logo to the FCRF.
  • The logo must display the name of the FCRF in French and in English (France-Canada Research Fund / Fonds France Canada pour la Recherche).
  • The logo must be easily recognizable, even when it is printed in small size or in black-and-white.
  • The winner will be awarded by the FCRF a round-trip ticket between France and Canada, from France (if he/she is a student in France) or from Canada (if he/she is a student in Canada). The departure and arrival cities will be chosen by the winner. The cost of the plane ticket will be covered up to a maximum amount of €800.

July 14, 2011


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